ProForce provides security for both the individual store and the entire shopping center.

Theft is a concern for the individual store manager. The presence of a law enforcement officer at the entrance of a store, greeting and making eye contact with customers, has been shown to reduce shop lifting. Customers are not the only cause of shrinkage, and security personnel should also be visible in private areas, particularly at shift change times.

In addition to Loss Prevention, there are other security concerns within a retail store, under-ringing at the cash register, credit card skimming and data theft can also occur. ProForce can provide a complete security assessment at your business location.

In and around the Mall, our officers duties are more varied. From responding to a lost child to dealing with juvenile gangs, from deterring theft, to giving directions, ProForce law enforcement officers are there to help create a safe and secure shopping environment, one which will encourage shoppers to return, one which will help enhance the economic performance of the shopping center.

From Black Friday to the after Christmas sales, peak sales often mean peak problems. ProForce can supply law enforcement officers to control crowds waiting to enter the store and to patrol within the store to deter shoplifters and unruly customers, and to act, if deterrence is not enough.

Hire ProForce Professional Officers for:

  • A visible deterrent;
  • Loss control;
  • Crowd control;
  • Security patrols;
  • Control room/CCTV monitoring.

Hire ProForce Law Enforcement Officers for all of the above plus traffic control. A law enforcement officer has the power of arrest and is able to take more decisive action in an emergency than a security guard.