From individual homes to entire communities, ProForce provides security for the householder, the condominium association, the luxury apartment complex and the home owners’ association.

Security is an important part of a resident’s quality of life. Security is not a luxury but one of Maslow’s hierarchy of basic human needs, just above the psychological needs of breathing, food, water and sleep. Good security increases the desirability of a community. 

The board of a condominium or home owners’ association, which is typically made up of volunteers, does not want to manage the day-to-day security functions. ProForce provides the management expertise and works with the property manager and other professionals to form part of a cohesive team. Good communications between the client and ProForce and to the individual officers is paramount. A supervisor is always available, if needed.

ProForce law enforcement officers provide the following services to residential communities:

  • Access control, including visitor logs,
  • Concierge/valet services in luxury apartment buildings,
  • Traffic control, including enforcing traffic laws,
  • Parking enforcement,
  • Security patrols,
  • Peace keeping at meetings,
  • Community center security, including swimming pool supervision,
  • First aid and emergency co-ordination.

For individual households, the menu of vacation and other services that a client may select from, includes:

  • Elderly checks,
  • Internal inspections, daily or less frequently, looking for:
    • Plumbing leaks,
    • Malfunctioning air-conditioning, including wine storage,
    • Lighting schedules,
    • Any other damage and maintenance issues,
    • Refrigerator & freezer problems,
    • Making sure appliances are off or on, as applicable,
    • Resetting alarm systems,
    • Mail and delivery checks and
    • Watering house plants.
  • External inspections, checking for:
    • Any signs of attempted break-in,
    • Check all doors and windows locked,
    • Leaking landscaping sprinklers,
    • External lighting,
    • Pick up deliveries,
    • Pool and spa problems, and
    • Landscape damage.
    • Mail holding/forwarding.