Your Source of Off-Duty Police

Established in 2000, ProForce is the largest provider of off-duty police and deputies in Arizona. ProForce is locally owned and operated. It is fully licensed and insured.

Examples of the type of services we provide are:



Banks   Security
Casinos   Crowd Control, Money Runs, Personal Protection, Security
Churches   Traffic Control, Event Security
Construction Companies   Traffic Control, Loss Prevention, Site Security
Apartment Complexes
  Mobile Patrols, Traffic Control, Common Area Supervision
Home Owners
  Mobile Patrols, Peace keeping at meetings
Hotels, Convention Centers   Event Security, Crowd Control, Traffic Control, Loss Prevention, Executive Security
Householders   Security Consulting, Vacancy Inspections, Guard Duty
Human Resources   Problematic Dismissals, Workplace Violence, Loss Prevention
Commercial Property   Property Patrols, Traffic Control
Retail Stores   Loss Prevention, Crowd Control
Schools   Event Security, Traffic Control
Sporting Events
& Concerts
  Crowd and Traffic Control
Utilities   Traffic Control