Communication with the client is the key to every ProForce security job.  Before any security assignment we spend time with the client analyzing their security needs. We customize the security program to those needs and the budget of the client.

The owners of ProForce, having owned and managed office buildings and retail malls, understand security needs from both sides, those of the consumer and the security service provider.  We understand the owner/manager’s requirements and we understand the security logistics.  And we listen to you, our client, to make sure we recognize and address your specific needs.  A good working partnership between the owner/manager and the security service provider ensures optimum security services at a reasonable expense level.

ProForce has been providing security services for more than a decade.  Learn more about some of our specialized security services by clicking on the links below:

ProForce provides security consultation services.  Click here to arrange a free assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your current security arrangements.